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About Us

Jemulet is a team of passionate, dedicated craft jewelers based out of bustling New York City. We have been producing quality products on the cutting edge of the trend line since our founding in the beginning of 2013, specializing in enamel and sterling silver charm bracelets that we produce in Italy. We are proud to announce the launch of our signature piece - the hamsa bracelet.

The hamsa hand is a traditional ward against the evil eye in many cultures. The name literally means “five” for the five digits, presented to fend off malicious spirits and evil intentions. It remains a resolute symbol of protection in a spectrum of cultures even to this day. Thorough integration of this symbol and ethos forms the mainstay of the Jemulet vision: we strive to make fashion accessories which are both beautiful and meaningful, jewelry which complements body and spirit.

As a small, scrappy team fresh out of the gate, Jemulet is able to offer guaranteed warehouse turnaround time of no more than 24 hours; we’ll have your order out the door with astonishing speed. In addition to our craftsman’s ethic, we pride ourselves on attention to detail, service, and reliability.

We promise to continue producing other contemporary collections and charms in a myriad of interesting styles and colors; keep checking back to stay abreast of our latest innovations! Along with our valued customers, we plan on producing stunning, affordable products for years to come.

We are eager to hear from you! Please feel free to email us with questions and/or comments at info@jemulet.com. Also please follow us on Instagram @jemulet or catch us at www.instagram.com/jemulet.

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